I recently made my first purchase from Spanx, the famous shapewear and clothing company founded by Sara Blakely. 

I bought the Spanx Perfect Pant, Slim, Straight in Classic Black in two sizes to see which fit me better. The pants are also available in Navy, and Gray/Navy Pinstripe.

I was initially interested in buying Spanx pants to use while traveling. I fly often and it’s always been a pain to find good pants that are comfortable to wear while sitting for hours.

I originally wanted the AirEssentials Tapered Pant but since this model didn’t come in “Tall” sizing, I opted for the Perfect Pant instead since it’s available in Tall, Regular, and Petite. 

After given giving it some thought, I wanted black pant that was a classier version of sweatpants: with flexibility but still looking put together, and these pants seemed to fit the bill even better than the AirEssentials pant.

For reference, I’m 5’9” tall and my measurements are: 25” waist, 25” hips.

How the Perfect Pant Fits

I decided to try on the XS first. The Spanx Slim, Straight Perfect Pants have no buttons or zippers; they’re stretchy pull-on pants like leggings. It was easy to put them on.

My first impression of these pants was that it was not going to work for me. I immediately noticed the bunches of excess fabric between my inner thighs. While the waist, hips, and lower leg fit me snugly, the thigh area was much larger than I needed.

I tried pulling the pants up higher than I would normally wear them in the back and then in the front. It made a slight difference but nothing major. 

Then I started to walk around in the pants. I took a long stride forward. I did a high kick. I can honestly say these are the most flexible pants (that aren’t leggings) that I’ve ever tried on in my life!

They started to grow on me, despite the funny thigh area.

The leg fit is really wonderful. I wanted slim, straight-leg pants and that’s exactly what these pants are.

They’re also very high-waisted, great for keeping your tummy tucked in if that’s what you’re after.

Spanx “Tall” Inseams

As a tall person, I have a huge problem with pants. Even if the length is acceptable when I’m standing, as soon as I sit down, the pants ride up and they become “cropped” instead of full-length! On an airplane, I want my full leg covered while sitting so I don’t get cold and to shield my legs from the super dry air.

I have to say that these pants are still not as long as I would have liked. The website says that the Tall inseam is 32.5″ inches but they feel much shorter. They hit just above the ankle which is what I’m used to for regular inseam pants. I’m surprised they’re not longer, but it’s not the end of the world.

Material and Care

I really love the material of the Spanx Slim, Straight Perfect Pant. It’s thick without being too thick. It feels durable and sturdy without boxing you in. It has a silky smooth feeling to it and so far seems to be wrinkle-resistant.

According to the label, these pants are 68% Rayon, 28% Nylon, 4% Elastane with a lining that is 80% Polyester, 20% Elastane.

You can wash them using Cold water on the Gentle cycle in your washing machine, which is a big plus. They must be line dried, however.

Are These Pants Worth It?

If I had to summarize these pants: I’d say that this is as close as you get to flexible leggings but in the form of tailored pants. You could wear these to work and look really presentable.

They’re perfect for flying if you don’t like to wear sweatpants on planes but still want to be comfortable.

Overall, I recommend these pants even if they didn’t fit me perfectly! 

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